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Rules of this Site

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Rules of this Site Empty Rules of this Site

Post by Kazuma Uchiha on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:58 am

General Behavior

GB1 - Always keep content appropriate and non-pornographic.

GB2 - Keep the swearing at a minimum and at a PG-14 level.

GB3 - When a character application has been approved that individual will receive a face claim for the avatar that they choose to use on the forum. This means that once an avatar is in use it is not permitted for use by any other member (example: if a member chose to have a Noctis avatar then no other member can use Noctis as their avatar.)

GB4 - Never post in a section of the forum if you were not given permission from the staff or the section states that posting is not allowed.

GB5 - Do not bring negative personal feelings towards someone into the role-play.

GB6 - Be respectful at all times to your fellow role-players.

GB7 - If a member of the staff tells you to do something you need to do whatever it is they tell you, if you feel as though it is inappropriate then by all means contact another member of the staff.

GB8 - Never spam in the Points Shop.

GB9 - If you do not have the required points to purchase an addition/feature then do not post in the Points Shop.

GB10 - Keep General Discussion out of the Points Shop.

GB11 - If you are new to PbP role-playing please inform a member of the staff and we will see what we can do.

GB12 - Follow all the Template Guidelines.

GB13 - You are not allowed to make your character's appearance a canonical character from Naruto as this site branches off of the actual series meaning that characters from Naruto have existed in this site.

GB14 - Do not spam private messages to staff as we will try to answer any questions or concerns you may have as soon as we are able to do so.

GB15 - If you are a Chat-box Moderator do not kick anyone from chat without a valid reason.

GB16 - No Naruto sites may be advertised on Narutoverse RPG and we do not advertise Narutoverse RPG on other Naruto sites.

In-Character Behavior

ICB1 - Do not skip a fellow role-player, if they are taking an extended period of time to post then inform a member of the staff and request permission to skip that individual.

ICB2 - It is required that all authors who start a thread need to inform the staff when it is complete so that we can lock the thread and avoid any future misunderstandings.

ICB3 - There will be absolutely no God-Modding tolerated in this role-play, you are required to play fairly and be realistic. Do not go beyond your characters capabilities.

ICB4 - Romance is allowed in the in-character section of this role-play however you will not be allowed to go into detail with any form of sexual content.

ICB5 - Do not control another role-players character.

ICB6 - Stay in third-person and not first-person when your character is not speaking.

ICB7 - Time Paradox's are prohibited, do not refer to events in an on-going thread within another on-going thread.

ICB8 - Posting Order will be decided by the author of the thread.

ICB9 - Always keep track of your Chakra Bar and the Chakra spent from using techniques.

ICB10 - Ensure you are listing the Jutsu you used in a spoiler at the bottom of your post along with your current Chakra Bar.
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