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Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete)

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Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete) Empty Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete)

Post by Satoshi Kagayaku on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:54 pm


Satoshi Kagayaku

Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete) Pisces10 February 19


Kagayaku Clan

Kekkei Genkai

Name: Crystal Release (Kesshō)
Field: Ninjutsu
Class: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range: All Ranges
Description: Crystal Release is created through Earth Release Lightning Release. Certain types of crystal-like glass called fulgurites are created when conductive minerals containing silica; usually sand, are struck by lightning which alters the molecular structure creating a specific and precise spatial geometry. Crystal release has the potential to crystallize anything, including air moisture. Crystallization of many materials might be explained by the earth nature chakra, said to be able to "change the hardness and composition of all objects", meaning it could change materials into something which can be crystallized, and lightning nature chakra, which would provide energy to trigger the process.
Perquisites: Kagayaku Clan members are only allowed to use Earth Release and Lightning Release aside from their Kekkei Genkai which is that of Crystal Release.
Chakra Cost: None


Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete) Ninjut11
Ninjutsu Specialization
Benefit: Mastery over Ninjutsu is greatly increased and efficiency in Ninjutsu against an equally leveled opponent that does not specialize in Ninjutsu is heightened.


140 lbs

Physical Appearance
Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete) Satosh11

Face Claim: Unknown Character, Image reserved to Satoshi Kagayaku.

Satoshi Kagayaku is deeply empathetic and exhibits a gentle, patient nature but merits a desire for inspiration. Satoshi is deeply effected and absorbed by his environment. Among other traits he is generous, amiable and positively natured with a deep sense of kindness and compassion especially to those who he considers friends. Satoshi has an uncanny sense of perceiving what a person wants or needs. He can be quite emotional when Satoshi feels hurt by another or someone that is out to harm someone he cares for and often times responds aggressively. Satoshi can at times seem emotionless due to his calm and passive nature which makes him hard to read by others but when something that has an impact on Satoshi is brought into context his emotions can be easy to sense and he tends to respond rather quickly.



Ninja Rank
ANBU (S-rank Jounnin)





Nature Type
Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete) Earth_12 Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete) Lightn10Satoshi Kagayaku (Incomplete) Crysta10
Earth Release
Lightning Release
Crystal Release

Total Chakra


Technique: The name of this technique.
Field: What kind of technique does this Jutsu fall under? (Examples: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kekkei genkai ext...)
Type: If this technique is Ninjutsu which Chakra Nature does it fall under?
Rank: What rank is this Jutsu?
Class: What classification does this Jutsu fall under? (Examples: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, ext...)
Range: Short-range, Short to Mid-range, Mid-range, Mid to Long-range or Long-range. (Jutsu is monitored by staff during threads so ensure you utilize a realistic range for techniques or it may be classified as over-powered.)
Hand Seals: What Hand Seals are required to use this technique?
Duration: How long does this technique last?
Cooldown: How long does it take until you are able to use this Jutsu again?
Chakra Cost: How much Chakra is subtracted per thread from this technique? E-rank cost 5, D-rank 10, C-rank 15, B-rank 20, A-rank 25 and S-rank 30.
Description: Give a brief description of this technique.

General Perks

If you have selected any specific perks for your character than list them here.

Clan Perks

If your clan has perks than list them here.


Create a biography for your character. Your biography must be at least eight to ten sentences minimum.

Role-Play Sample
Give us a demonstration of your role-playing skills. Your role-play sample must be at least five to eight sentences minimum.
Satoshi Kagayaku
Satoshi Kagayaku

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